Why little boys should not play around with adults



Just a simple post to let you know that you messed with the wrong girl precious. I am hitting you were it hurts.. so you can understand what it trully feels like for someone who has been with you to fuck you over….. to know they are doing something that will hurt you but don’t care at all…… for you to try and firgure out how to deal with all these emotions.




You cheated, lied, exposed me twice to stds and HIV… and now i might have warts because of you… you cared about no one but your self.. you took my kindness for weakness. So now my kindness has gone.

You messed with me on a whole other level….. did you think i would walk away licking my wounds and crying, nope! You play big boy games guess what you get big boy consequences. Apart from sex you gonna learn something else from me, hell hath no fury like a scorned woman.

You have gone and blamed everything wrong on other people, so i will learn from you…………………… i am messing with your online stuff because you pushed me to it, so really its not my fault right?  am so sorry….am i forgiven? ok cool…. bayeeeeee sugarbutt (lol imagine you used that on her too… boy you are beyond shameless loool)


(am lowkey so happy of this post, you taught me so well….. will go start my own page soon)

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