Country Award for International Students at Coventry University in UK, 2019 ? | Apply Now

Financial aids give you more than you take in your studies. Hence the Coventry University is offering the Country Award program for higher education in the UK. The reason for activating this award is to encourage International students for undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at Coventry University. Advertisements Review Award Application Process Clarity…

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SEARCA Graduate funding for Southeast Asians 2020-2021 ? | Apply Now

As knowing the power of education, SEARCA is presenting the SEARCA Graduate program in favour of high achieving students to pursue their higher studies. This educational award is activated to applicants from Southeast Asians for undertaking a master or PhD degree program at any recommendable university in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Advertisements Review…

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Vanier Canada graduate funding opportunities for Canadian and Foreign Students ? | Apply Now

Each year the Government of Canada offers 166 scholarships for higher studies in Canada. As continuing this scheme, the Government of Canada is activating the Vanier Canada graduate funding opportunities (Vanier CGS) program. This program is designed to attract highly qualified International students from across the country and abroad for pursuing a doctoral degree program…

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Postgraduate Training Scholarships for International Students in South Africa, 2020 ? | Apply Now

In collaboration with the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, the University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Public Health is offering the Postgraduate Training Scholarships program in South Africa. This educational award is available for all South African and international applicants who want to become more involved in research in the health-related…

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Government of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program for International Students, 2019 ? | Apply Now

The Government of Canada is seeking high achievement applicants for giving them an opportunity to participating in a Postdoctoral Research Program and takes their career into the peak of the research field. The first-class educational grant is intended to support international students in order to pursue a postdoctoral degree program in Canada. Advertisements Review Award…

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