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You Won't Believe What School Pupils Were Fed Today During Feeding Program in Niger (Photos)

The food given to pupils in Niger

A Facebook user identified as Adamu Aliyu, has taken to the social networking platform and shared photos of what school pupils were allegedly fed with as the school feeding programme proposed by the Federal Government which kick-started today in Niger state. 
According to him, he saw pupils of Zubairu Primary School eating noodles and half egg from nylons.
Here's how he shared the story on social media;

The implementation of another systematic way of squandering the public founds by the incompetence APC administration has kicked start today in Niger State, they call it "SCHOOL FEEDING" and I call it "FRAUD" If 2.1billion is budgeted to feed the school pupils for 21days, all schools are expected to have equal presentable meals, instead of having meals in a nylon leather like beggars of the olden days.
I came across multiple students of Zubairu primary school paiko eating indomie and half egg from a nylon leather in non conducive environment, And yet they call it school feeding. I don't know if they really know what feeding means.