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Nigeria Man Shops For 6 Homeless Kids, Buys them fried rice & Chicken

The Samaritan and the kids

A good deed they say is never lost. There have been many stories of Nigerians doing whatever they can to help others no matter how little it is.

Even at a time when the country seems bad, there are still many Nigerians who would do anything to put smiles on faces.

A young Nigerian man who came across six homeless siblings while shopping at the mall has done a good deed to care for the children.

The young man who shared the story of how he came across the homeless children on social media expressed that he bought food for them after hearing their story.

He bought them fried rice and chicken Photo Source: O'tes Makeover

The young man noted that the food he bought was all he could do for them since it was not something he had planned.

He further urged people to endeavor to do the best they can to put smiles on people’s faces. He added that nothing is too small for those in need