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Is This Bush Baby? See the Strange Animal a Man Caught, Slaughtered This Morning for Breakfast

The strange animal killed this morning 

A Facebook user identified as Che Oyinatumba, has taken to the social networking platform to share photos of a Galago popularly known as Bush baby which he caught this morning. 
Just after apprehending the nocturnal primate, he took photos of it, posted online and wrote; 
"Apart from vulgarity, I am a good hunter oh. This is Ikiri-Bush baby. I apprehended it this morning.
Oya, as Pentecostal pastors will prophesy to you, I tell you as your Bishop, of you tap into my anointing, all the things holding unto your property and good health like an Ikiri vice grip, will be let lose today!
As I eat this Ikiri for breakfast, so shall you eat all those who do not want you to prosper but they will not digest, except you come and sow seed in my ministry!
Can I get a thunderous AMEN! "