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Wow!!! Federal Road Safety Officials(FRSC) Helps A Pregnant Lady Deliver Her Baby At Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Federal Road Safety of Nigeria officials just helped a Pregnant mum who was traveling to deliver her baby today. This was said to have taken place at the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

As derived from the statement made by Florence Okpe the Route Commander, " A commercial Vehicle with the registration number "XF 365 MKD" at 12:00pm speedily drove into the FRSC Command Premises which was located along Lagos-Ibadan Express. The driver hurriedly reported to the officials, that he was carrying a pregnant middle-aged woman named Ajoke Ahmed who went into severe labour during the trip.

The FRSC medical team at the Sagamu Accident and Emergency Clinic immediately examined her, but since the clinic is not equipped to take delivery, the ambulance was prepared to transport her to the nearest hospital. 
Within this process, the pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl at about 1215hrs inside the Command's Clinic. A medical examination by the medical doctor confirmed the baby and mother to be in good condition.