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This Is Exactly What The Queen Carries In Her Handbag

Queen Elizabeth 

Same here.

In news that both intrigues non-royals as much as it does make us feel that, royal or not, we’re all carriers of the same handbag essentials, the Queen’s daily essentials have come to light – and we can’t help but feel a little royal ourselves.

Revealed to US Weekly, the Queen not only carries cash purely on Sunday so that she can make a donation to the church – £5 (8.50 AUD), exactly – but also lozenges, a compact mirror, tissues, lipstick and a fountain pen make up her handbag essentials. 

Practical and totally relatable, no?

While it may seem as though the royals live and breath an air unfamiliar – from Harry dating (pending engagement) Suits actress Meghan Markle to the Queen breaking with royal tradition on Remembrance Day – it seems the noble family aren’t too dissimilar to us, after all. 

In news slightly less relatable, the Queen has her butler iron the bills into a square so she can discreetly add her donation to the collection making it safe to say her majesty does still have a few imperial tricks up her royal sleeve.