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SHOCK!! Car Crashes Into School Fence, Kills three Siblings At The Same Time

The School

Parents have told of their horror after a car is believed to have 'smashed through a fence' and struck three siblings in the school playground.
One distressed parent has spoken of hearing screams after the crash which left a five-year-old little boy 'squashed to a wall' and a nine-year old girl under the vehicle.
A two-year-girl was also involved in the crash at Long Toft Primary School in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
The eldest girl, who was left with 'tyre marks on her side', was pulled from under the vehicle by onlookers and airlifted to Sheffield Children's Hospital. 
The mother of all three children is believed to be Donna Buckley Wright, who posted an update on their condition on Facebook, which has been shared by fellow parents.
Donna's post said: 'Thanks for all the well wishes but we are all OK. Layla has a broken wrist and some bruising, keaton has a swollen ear and some bruising and Jessie-leigh has a bump on the head; I have a bruised swollen arm.
'I want to thank those amazing ppl who lifted the car off my kids I couldn't' be more grateful. I know it was a accident. Hope the woman driver is OK also. Terrible wrong place wrong time.'
Stacey Wood has spoken of witnessing the car, believed to be a white Volkswagen Polo, moving slowly in the school car park before starting to line up to reverse-park.
In a moment of terror, screams rang around the car park as the car instead shot forward through a green fence and struck children standing alongside their mother.
The five-year-old boy was believed to be struck into the school wall while the nine-year-old girl went under the front wheels in the shocking incident.
Stacey said: 'I saw the car coming into the car park slowly then lining up to park.
'The car went through the fence and hit the children.
'I cannot understand why, there are people that are saying the driver tried putting it into reverse then it shot forward.
'The car must have accelerated to get to where it did.
'It went through a green metal fence then hit the children which were holding onto the pushchair.'
Another mum has described the horrific moment she saw the nine-year-old girl go under the wheels of the car.
Jade Hindson, 29, was dropping her four-year-old daughter and five-year-old nephew off at school when she saw the car come through a barrier which separates the school's playground from its car park.
She said: 'It was horrible. I could hear parents and children screaming. She went straight under the front wheels of the car.
'Then, between 30 and 40 parents helped lift the car off the girl. After they got it off her she was conscious but didn't look good.
'A group of parents stayed there to look after her and talk to her.' 
Another shocked parent, Daniel Bruce, added: 'As I was walking my daughter to her entrance for the school, I heard a wheel spin and turned to see the car accelerate and smash through the fence and in to a bunch of kids and adults.