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Police Found Beheaded Body Of A Transgender Person


Peshawar - The beheaded body of a transgender person was found in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, officials said on Sunday, the latest attack on the community in the deeply conservative country.

The decomposed body of a person aged about 25 had been dumped on farmland in the city's low-income district of Tehkal. 

The body was not identified and was buried on Sunday after photos and fingerprints were taken,said local police official Zahoor Ahmad.

He said police had started investigations and were trying to identify the victim.

In 2009 Pakistan became one of the first countries in the world to legally recognise a third sex, allowing transgender people to obtain identity cards. Several have also run in elections.

Despite this, many transgender Pakistanis face rampant discrimination and are forced to live as pariahs, often reduced to begging or prostitution and subjected to extortion and violence.

According to census data released last August Pakistan's transgender community numbered just over 10 000.