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Mysterious White Cat Appears During Man's Funeral and Refuses to Leave His Grave

The cat at the man's grave 

A video has shown the moment a strange white cat turned up at a man's funeral and refused to leave his grave despite mourners trying to drag it away.
The mystery moggy can be seen pawing at and rolling around on the burial mound in astonishing footage recorded in Malaysia. 
And the man who shared the video online said the person being mourned - his grandfather, Ismail Mat - 'loved cats'.
Writing on Facebook, he explained the cat appeared 'suddenly' and then started circling the grave.

He added:  'This white cat is actually not a pet cat, but probably a hometown cat near the mosque.
'The presence of this cat is interesting to our family, because the cat wouldn't leave the grave when we wanted to go home.
He said that despite the best efforts of family members to 'persuade' the cat to move on by pulling its legs, it simply refused. 
'[When] we were all gone, the cat went back to the grave,' he added.
'Got info from the villagers, [they] said the cat was always wandering around the mosque…'

Cat behaviour specialist Anita Kelsey said the can had 'obviously seen something being buried that it wants to get to'. 
She was quoted in The Telegraph as explaining: 'Cats can grieve the loss of a presence and show it in many ways, but it's usually dogs we see exhibiting this behaviour.'
The bizarre video has already received 7.6million views - despite only being posted yesterday.