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Must Read:_Biafra Government Have Not Been Able To Tell This To The Masses

There are so many things which Nigeria lacks and the Nigerian government has not even tried to sit down and draft an idea to fix all this.

Wondering what every government which has ruled Nigeria have been doing to make life easier is just like fetching water with a basket and then expect it to get filled up.

The most annoying fact is that everyone in any of the government has or will I say have had the opportunity to move around the world on a free flight and allowances attached to their fat salaries and have not been able to keep their head down and iron things out to help Nigeria grow.

Nigeria just turned 57 years Old few days ago and cannot boast of any new development which returns money to the pocket of the nation. We only hope on Our Oil wells which we extract oil and sell. For 57 years now, Nigeria cannot boast of having a sound refinery, still, refines their own oil outside of Nigeria and then bring back to sell at a high rate. For 57 years Nigeria cannot boast of having a steady power supply for just a year out of 57 years. We can’t still say Nigeria has an airline titled “Nigerian Airways” while a country like Kenya has had hers a long time ago. For 57 years our Leaders fly abroad to treat malaria yet we still go to mosque and church every Friday and Sunday. Some even go 6 times a week. For still 57 years Nigeria has no university which attracts Foreigners to the nation rather we spend millions of Naira to send our children abroad to study. Nigeria cannot boast of giving out scholarships to over 5 million students of its own country while countries like China is housing over  2 million foreign students giving out scholarships to at least 1.2million students.

Most times, we should sit down and look into our universities, just take a  good look at the so-called University of Nigeria (UNN). UNN is 65 years old that's 5 years Older than Nigeria but cannot boast of a sound and classic structures. Laboratories are still messy and students are not really allowed to use delicate apparatus themselves. In a laboratory, we still dry compound under the sun or let it dry in a room temperature. This is a school which has produced so many top and prestigious Nigerian officials but yet cannot be made conducive for education.

Well, we have a lot of issues to handle at hand but it’s better Nigeria should start with these projects....

This is the most important thing that will make Nigeria grow faster. Check the ruling countries of the world China, America, UK, Canada, and lots more all of them have the availability of steady power supply. Come to think of it, Nigerians are one of the most intelligent and most wonderful creatures in this whole wide world. If there is availability of Light, Ideas of Manufacturing will start coming up and then this will help reduce the money we spend on importation. Exportation will be the next to come up. The power supply is the number 1 thing that helps a country grow faster. If we have a steady power supply, why should our businessmen do transactions with China and returns to make more profit? If all imported products are being made in Nigeria, things will be very cheaper. Importers who add money for transportation and then clearing would have a lot to save and then make things cheaper than normal.

METRO STATIONS(Train Stations):

I would love to elaborate more on this aspect. I have been able to make use of the Train Stations in China and was able to have a run down check on what profit they make and how it helps their citizen. Nigerians always make an investment which most times benefits the owner only leaving the citizens to just spend their money on it and make them richer. If there is any investment to help both the Citizen and as well return a huge amount of money to Nigeria’s pocket, its Metro Station.
Let me state a rough work on the money China generates from their trains which is bound to moves just within a state/province.
China generates more than $50,000 daily from this METRO. They made it so cheap that even the rich citizens love to use when they feel to escape traffic Jam. These metro stations are being divided in lines. A city has more than 10 lines and then 1 line contains 32-40 stations and has not less than 20 trains running on these lines.

The least fare on trains is just 2rmb(0.3usd) the highest fare is 9rmb(1.4usd). But I will use the least(2rmb) to calculate. If a train carries more than 500 people, just from one end of the station to the other end of the station, it makes 1000rmb per trip and then this same train is bound to go up to 20 times per day. So it makes 20,000rmb a day just one train. Each line has up to 20 trains running on It, so they all make 400,000rmb(60,000usd) in total. Just for one line in one state. Remember each state can have more than 10 lines. This is a lot of money returning back to The country's pocket in just one day and then the citizens are happy using these trains because it saves them a lot of money when I mean a lot, I mean in a huge amount. Why can’t Nigeria have such an investment other than depending on Our Oil wells which now generates money which is not even enough for the maintenance of the nation?

We are way far ahead of other African countries that’s why we are the Giant of Africa but we can’t boast of having a steady power supply which Ghana enjoyed years back.
Let the Government put this into consideration.


Naija!!!! We ‘ve grown too old to keep refining oil in other countries thereby increasing the cost of production which later brings us to the level of selling it expensive to make sure we get back our capital and then gain. This is one of the reasons why we don’t have enough manufacturing companies to help boost the nation’s economy. We don’t have stable power supply from our PHCN and then petrol is really expensive. So there is no way we can move forward in production. We need total rebranding of the nation and better planning of Nigeria and not working Towards separation.


This one.... I can’t really talk more about it. Nigeria needs to, first of all, make the available universities conducive before moving it to an international university. We really need to attract more investors with education. Education wise, Nigeria Is the best in West Africa but our students still travel to Ghana to study. Check every school in Nigeria, there are little or no Ghanaian students in there. Using education to make a nation great is a great privilege for the students in the sense that they will be in their country and get to meet people from other countries, get exposed and live a better life.

I wish to end my long testing here and am really so sorry for giving such a headline. It was just to get your attention to read the posts. But this all true about Naija. Let’s sit down and make our country great again. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE....