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Lawmakers Order FRSC Officials To Carry Arms

FRSC Officials at work

AS A WAY to wade off incessant attacks on officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, the House of Representatives yesterday reminded the commission of the provisions in its establishing Act that permits officials to bear arms while on duty and directed that it henceforth complies with the order . But the lawmakers warned that notwithstanding such provision, punishment awaits any officer who use arms illegally and indiscriminately. The House position yesterday followed a motion on the ‘’need to curb the incessant attacks on personnel of the federal road safety commission, FRSC’’ by Honorable Solomon Maren. Though a heated debate as those against the motion saw the wake up call for the bearing of arms as another means of arms proliferation in the country as well another round of accidental discharge by the corps officials, the Reps were however unanimous in their support for the corps to carry arm for self defense especially in hostile environments and hazardous and unholy times of the day. The lawmakers noted that the development had become imperative , given the various unwarranted attacks against the personnel while on official assignment. They are worried about the ceaseless cases of harassment on the officials especially in states like Zamfara, Abia Lagos and Jigawa, unfortunately by government officials, and noted that so far no less than 149 cases of attacks on personnel and another 201 cases of damage to equipment and properties of the commission have been recorded since 2015 . According to the lawmakers, section 19 of the establishing act
roundly permits arms bearing when personnel are exposed to high risk in enforcement and in performing their duties. The provision of the law they argue permits them like members of the police force to carry arms to enable them protect themselves in the course of performing their legitimate duties. While debate, nonetheless, It was observed , that the Road safety officials stay off the roads especially at nights because they are unprotected against criminal elements who carry arms. To this end, the Reps directed the federal government to facilitate the procurement of arms and ammunition for officers of the federal road safety commission to protect themselves while performing their duties and agreed similarly to a probe to these incessant attacks by the committee on federal road safety commission and report back in four weeks.