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Cossy Orjiakor Wears Indecent Dress Around Kids On Her Birthday

Cossy Orjiakor and A friend 

Cossy Orjiakor has for years strove to remain the number one boob lady in Nigeria and yes, we are cool with that but when she decides to ply her throne battle where innocent kids are, then we need to have a talk.
The actress who recently celebrated her ‘boobful’ birthday, wore the outfit above to a party she had for ‘her’ kids in celebration of her birthday and am like why????]

Do we not have enough to deal with, with what is being shown on TVs, and posted on social media? Do these kids need a physical reminder of just what the adult world has to deal with?

Totally inappropriate,  I must say. However, I’d love your thoughts on this guys, is this inappropriate or not?