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Lil Ameeer, Youngest Nigerian Rapper Dies In A Fatal Auto Accident

14 years Young kano Based rapper With the stage name Lil Ameer was reported dead in a Fatal accident on 14th of September.

As history may have it, Ameer Hassan (Lil Ameer) started his rapping career since when he was 9 years. He was the youngest musician from the northern Nigeria and one of the most decorated and successful young hip-hop artists in Nigeria.

Reports from his family came up that has always wanted to be a rapper which they actually gave him the full support he needed. Made his music go viral and even shot videos of each of his song. Lil Ameer's songs were featured in some radio stations which aided to Lil Ameer success.

Am not happy making these write-ups about Lil Ameer. I won't lie.  I knew about him just last month and loved his spirit, his motives and then his swags. He is just too perfect in his videos but was shocked when I woke up to hear this sad sorry that he is gone. May his gentle soul rest in peace.