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'I Feel Like My Life Is Over' Kendell Jenner Says After Pepsi Ads Contraversy

Kendell Jenner

Kendall Jenner is finally sounding off on her much talked about Pepsi controversy.

In this just-released preview of Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 14, the 21-year-old model confides in Kim Kardashian after major backlash from the public.

“It feels like my life is over,” Kendall says. But Kim doesn’t let her off easy and reminds her to really think before signing up for things. “You made a mistake,” Kim says.

Also in this season, Kourtney Kardashian gets grilled about her ever-changing relationship with Scott Disick. “Would you have another baby with Scott? ” Kim’s assistant Steph Shepard asks. OMG!

Kim and Kourtney also enjoy a “MILFs gone wild” vacation while Khloe Kardashian takes her sisters to Cleveland to visit boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

“This is like the best day of my life!” Khloe says.