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Google Might Force Companies Into Adding Assistant Support Button On Headphones

Google after introducing it's Voice-activated Assistant to mobile phones and speakers have extended their range by creating a hardware which will force gadget production companies into building google support service on headphones.

The said support service on headphones has already been launched on a new headphone "BOSE".

This Assistant support works just like the ones on mobile devices which you just give a command by speaking words into your phone speaker and it works accordingly just as you said. 

How It Works

Am very sure 89.50% of human in the world is using iPhones and Androids so Google has made this available to the Users of the listed OS. Once you pair your headphone to your mobile device, its done already, then next thing to do is to push the assigned button on the QC 35 II to activate Assistant and command support and then make voice commands like make calls and play back your messages, favorite playlists or even the day’s top news stories" 

Most times, I wonder how Africans will use this google assistant. A friend of mine once complained about the one on his mobile phone. He said he hasn't been able to use hez. Grammatical Errors In African English won't let us.  
However, it’d be great to get more out of Assistant while wearing headphones and not directly interacting with a phone or smart speaker; you can already do things like add calendar appointments, but I’d like to also play back my last WhatsAppmessage and reply to it instantly.
Hopefully, that’s the path Google will choose to take with future hardware integrations, and the company hinted in its blog post that it might work with more brands in the future. If you’re keen on the QC 35 II with built-in noise cancellation, you can pick it up right now for $350; Assistant will work with it only in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France.