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2019 ELECTION: Its Either You Stand In For President Buhari or You Stand In For The looters Says Bashir Yankuzu

A lecturer, Mr Bashir Yankuzu, says current grumblings over alleged marginalization in government affairs by some top politicians, means that Nigeria is getting it right in governance. Yankuzu, who teaches at the Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna, said on Friday that for such caliber of politicians to cry out, “meant that the Federal Government has insulated itself from unnecessary political interference.
“When influential chieftains of a ruling party cry of marginalization, it is simply because it is no longer business as usual and the treasury is far beyond their reach.
“We are now in a Nigeria where sitting Governors are grumbling that federal appointments are being done without their blessings; a Nigeria where serving ministers are so frustrated due to lack of access to the treasury that they have started speaking in tongues.
” We are in a Nigeria where despite all the fight back by corrupt elites using both the offline and online media, the masses still stand firm by their President,’’ the lecturer said in Minna.
Yankuzu of the Department of Educational Service of the university stressed that power was gradually returning back to the people.
“Our destiny is in the hands of God through PVC and let those appointed know that with time, access to the treasury will become even harder.’’
According to him, the choice during the 2019 general election, is “either you are with President Muhammadu Buhari or with the looters.”