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The Shocking Thing A School Girl Did After Her Teacher Scolded Her For Staining Her Uniform And Chair With Period Blood

Her face has been obscured to hide her identity

A young schoolgirl has allegedly killed herself after being humiliated by teachers because blood from her period had stained her school uniform.

According to The Sun UK, some cruel teachers allegedly shouted at the girl, 12, when the clothes and a playground bench were left stained.

The seventh-grade youngster later fell from the top of a neighbour’s roof terrace in her hometown of Senthil Nagar, southern India.

Her shocked parents said she had not expressed suicidal thoughts and they only found out about her intentions in a suicide note.

It reportedly read: "I don't know what to say. Until now you didn't hear any complaint about me but why did the teacher complain about me like this?"

According to reports, the teacher allegedly shouted at the girl in front of her classmates

The incident sparked protests from the parents of pupils who were angry over the girl’s death.

Police managed to break up the crowd and promised to take action.

An investigation has been launched, a senior police spokesperson confirmed.

They added: "Right now we are hearing different versions. Only after the completion of probe will we have clarity."
It is not known whether the unnamed teacher in question faces police action.