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Real Madrid's Official Twitter Account Hacked!!!!

Not upto a week ago, Barcelona's official Twitter account was invaded by some unknown hackers and then yesterday Real Madrid faced theirs. 

The official and accredited Twitter account of the La Liga Spanish League team "Real Madrid" was officially hacked by an anonymous hacker. When Barcelona's account was hacked, it was updated with a tweet "hackers had announced signing of Angel Di Maria from Paris Saint-Germain" and now Real Madrid's account popped up similar tweet "hackers announced the signing of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi to Real Madrid".The hackers accompanied by a video of Messi scoring for Barcelona against Real Madrid, posted on Real's Twitter: "Benvingut Messi! B!Bienvenido Messi! Welcome Messi! Bienvenue Messi! £Messi. The tweet went viral, with over 27,000 retweets in the first 45 minutes of it being up.

Well, its been noted that the particular team or will I say crew of hackers had tampered with lots of high-profiled twitter accounts updating it will funny stuffs. Does that in any way sends signal to twitter security operating team that their works aren't that good? They should better do something to upgrade the security rank of their platform before it gets worst.