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Donald Trump's Net-Worth Drops So Flat WorldWide After He Was Assigned The American President


From the records of Forbes, the American president's "Donald Trump" net worth which was said to be estimated around $3.5blillion before he was the president was reported to have dropped poor to about $200 million today. He ranking worldwide was also affected. He is presently rating 544 among the world's richest men.

Forbes stated that over forty percent(40%) of Trump's wealth was initially tied up his Trump Tower and eight buildings within one mile of it.What happens in that micromarket does more to affect the net worth of Donald Trump than anything else in the world.

Lately, the neighbourhood has been struggling (relatively speaking). Net operating profits have fallen at Trump Tower. Nike, the lone tenant at the Trump-owned Niketown, just signed a reported $700 million deal in December for a spot a few blocks south, suggesting its days at its current location may be numbered.

Trump’s cash pile took a hit as well. Public records show that he donated $66 million to his presidential campaign, 19% of its total budget. Ten days after he won the election, he settled a lawsuit over Trump University, which prosecutors say swindled millions from its students, for an additional $25 million. Assuming Trump sold off all of his stocks during last year’s campaign, as he has claimed, the president likely missed out on the “Trump rally” that has lifted the stock market roughly 10% since his election.

The average billionaire saw his or her wealth grow by 16% since last year's Billionaires list; Trump's fell by 22% over that same time period.

Well as he is still the president of America, I guess he has invested more in his political life and America as a whole.