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This Is Serious!!! Federal Government To Remove All Pockets From Police Uniform

Gbagam!!!. It has finally happened. Back hand money collection and ROJA must stop in Nigeria.

Due to much corruption invading Nigerian, the federal government has decided to remove all pockets which exist on police uniforms.

This idea was brought to eradicate the act of police taking money from various road users. 

During the present President of Nigeria's campaign(Muhammadu Buhari), he promised alot to the welfare of Nigeria and titled his movement "Change". Now with no doubts, we elected him as a president but the fact about this is clear. We are changing from bad to worst. So many people are dying of hunger and so many are committing suicide just because of his government. Imagine what a police man said, Nigeria is not worth dying for. Read the post below. Am sure am not the only one seeing this. He saw it as well.

From my own observations, since the president got into sit, the change started immediately. A government which changed both the climatic conditions.  The sun became hotter than normal. The moon was nowhere to be found on Sala Day of 2016. The dollar rate went so high than normal. Prices of everything in the market increased. Citizens were starving. Some starved to death while some find it difficult to eat 2 square meal daily and so many other things I can't even recall.

A country that exports the highest ton of oil is one of the poorest and most corrupt country in the world, yet we attend church and mosques every Sunday and Friday.

Let's take Ghana as an example. Ghana is just three years and four months older than Nigeria. During the early 80's, Ghana was a just a country yet to stand fully on its ground but Nigeria was already ahead. Now Ghana celebrated one year of uninterrupted power supply but Nigeria claiming The Gaint Of Africa is yet to celebrate 1 week of uninterrupted power supply.

The earlier youths rise against this corruption, the better for them. Nowadays, politicians give each person a thousand naira note at the voting poll to get a vote from him. Aah?! One thousand naira is just $3.2 dollars! Can't we just be ashamed of ourselves for just once, once is enough at least for a better Nigeria. 

But its not easy to eradicate corruption, I admit that but then starting to change one thing, JUST one thing from each sector will do just fine. The Nigerian Police, bribery, fraud and corruption to start with is way too much and out of hand. What about removing the pockets of all policemen uniforms that occupy spaces in all checkpoints along the road and reducing the presidential election form or whatever. How can someone spend more than 27 million naira ($85,783) just to buy a form in order to contest for presidential election and you expect him to be Jesus when he gets on that seat? It is NOT possible, even I would behave like them.

Now Our president is not on seat. He is doing his own presidential work in UK. 

As usual, let me keep drinking my palm-wine and keep looking at them with one eye. You can join the table. Naija government is getting me pissed off.

I apologize for writing that headline. At least it attracted you to read the update but the content is still true about Naija and her government.

This Is Serious!!! Federal Government To Remove All Pockets From Police Uniform This Is Serious!!! Federal Government To Remove All Pockets From Police Uniform Reviewed by okpala Precious on July 05, 2017 Rating: 5

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