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Ikorodu Badoo Crisis

In the past two years, the residents of Ikorodu, Lagos State have been living in fear and uncertainty due to the activities of a cult group popularly known as Badoo.

This deadly gang which operates in a mysterious manner is responsible for the death of several residents of Ikorodu. Operating under the cover of darkness, these mysterious elements attack households and wipe out entire families. Their modus operandi include raping their female victims and killing them by smashing heavy stones on their skulls. Even babies, young children and pregnant women have fallen victim to this menace.

It is widely believed that the killings are ritualistic and that is why the Badoo cultists use  white handkerchiefs to wipe the blood of their victims.

Badoo’s activities started like a joke and because the government turned a blind eye to their activities instead of nipping it in the bud, it has now become a crime of an alarming proportion.

Every other day, more people fall victim to the Badoo menace and the Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode and the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, have yet to find a lasting solution.

Because of their lackadaisical attitude, the people of Ikorodu have decided to protect themselves and by so doing, have taken the law into their hands. Already, some persons accosted in Ikorodu have been accused of belonging to Badoo and they were killed. Some of these persons have been found to be innocent members of the society.

While I condemn mob action and jungle justice in its entirety, I cannot really blame people for reacting in this manner because the government has failed to secure lives and property.

In some areas in Ikorodu, the community development associations bought and distributed machetes to youths in the community as a means of fortifying themselves against any attack from Badoo.

This itself is a problem because after the Badoo menace might have been eradicated, these youths will most likely not return these weapons to the appropriate quarters and instead, use them to perpetrate heinous crimes.

This is a call on the Federal Government, Inspector General of Police, the Lagos State governor and Commissioner of Police to look into this crisis before Badoo spreads its activities to other parts of the state.

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