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I Can't Disclose Our Discussion with Buhari - Akwa Ibom Governor

People's Democratic Party chieftain, Governor Udom Emmanuel who was one of the opposition party governors that visited Buhari has refused to disclose full details about their private discussions. 

 Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State Friday told Nigerians waiting to be told the outcome of the visit of the seven governors to President Muhammadu Buhari in London to forget it as the discussions with the recuperating president remain secret.

The governor also said that God has answered the prayersvof Nigerians as the President’s health has recorded tremendous improvement, saying that the President appreciated for their prayers. Governor Udom who met with the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Friday told State House Correspondents that though the governors discussion with President Buhari remained a secret, it was for the overall interest of Nigerians. 

He said, “Let me thank God for the life of the president and thank God for Nigerians too. And also appreciate Nigerians who have prayed sincerely and earnestly for Mr. President and I think God has actual answered the prayers of Nigerians.

“From what you could see from the photographs you could see that God has actually answered our prayers, so some of us were quite excited to see Mr. President welcome us. He discussed with us and he was also happy to see us. So what you are seeing both on TV and newspapers are genuine and correct. God has actually healed our president and we thank God for that.” 

When asked on what the governors discussed with the President, he said, “I don’t think when you hold meeting even with your wife and children you will come and make that public.

The president is father of the nation and we represent the sub unit of this nation and so is not everything that we discussed that we should just come and say.

“It was a closed door meeting but be ready assured whatever the president will discuss with the governors will be in the best interest of all the citizens of this country.” 

On whether the doctors will give green light to the President based on his new state of health the Akwa Ibom State governor who was one of the two Peoples Democratic Party members that visited Buhari said that he was not in the position to know as he was not a medical doctor.

When prodded further to comment based on his observation, he said, “I am not a medical doctor. Let me say something here, even when you have a biological father you love your father, you take interest in his well being. 

"I mean as a father to the nation, in my personal opinion, I don’t think that is the issue now. 

“The issue is that we should thank God that God has answered our prayers, that is where I am coming from. And let me also say, some of us behave as if the president, the governors are superhuman, we are normal human beings, we also have challenges. 

“So let us not think that because we are governors or president we are superhuman. No. We are not God we mere mortals like any of us here. So that should also make us play down on the way we look at certain issues.” 

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