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Did You Know? Congo Has The Largest Manh**d Size In Africa. Check Other Country's Rank

Some country's citizens make noise on having the largest manh**d round Africa not knowing the facts about what they brag of.

Women always love to have good times with their man in the room but they find it more fun when they have the best of manh**d size all to themselves.
The best manh**d size is rated from 5.3 inches to 6.8. Anything above this size is recommended a killer agent, a tearing machine, A Bazuka. Normal ladies always want the normal size of manh**d but still have the bad ones who want the bigger sizes that's why some use cucumber on themselves. (Aunty, are you looking for a Drilling Machine?).

Well from records_

1. CONGO:_ 

                 The first ranking goes to the Congo men. The majority of  Men sizes in Congo is rated 7.1 inches. WTF!!! Really? THIS IS KO. I pity ladies in Congo, hope you guys are deep enough to take all that sizes. It's gonna be hell in a cell.

2. GHANA:_
                The second Goes to Ghana men. Still in inches, they have the record of most men having a size of 6.8 inches. Ehhh!!!. They are really big but their girls still fly around Nigerian men. I don't why.


                  Cameroon has gained the third position having majority size of  6.6 inches.

4. SUDAN:_
                   Was thinking these guys would be the first but found out that they are not up to Congo. They 've occupied the 4th position with a size of 6.4 inches

5. Federal Republic of Benin (Kotonu):_

                      Benin is now on the move. They have the size range of 6.38 inches. 


                      Burkina Faso have the range of 6.26 inches

                       Senegal also has the range size of 6.26 inches just as Burkina Faso.

                       Gambia just dropped by 0.01 inches. They 've got a majority size of 6.25 inches

                       Zambia ranked 9th with the majority size of 6.21 inches

10. ANGOLA:_
                        Angola has the size of 6.19 inches

11. Egypt:_

                      Egypt has the size of 6.18 inches


                       Nigeria has the majority size of 6.10 inches. This is why I bite people. Nigerians can't be this small. I need to take a proper measurement of this myself to be very sure.

11. CHAD:_
                       Chad has 6.06 inches.


                       Central African Republic, I haven't heard of this people though but they have the size of 6.09 that's what I care for on this post.


                      The only country in Africa that has a regional name. Osheeeeeeeey You guys are here. They have the size of 6.02 inches.

This is the record we have for now. More are yet to be posted. Stay tuned. LOL!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝  Mind you, If your country doesn't appear here. It means you guys are not .......... I didn't say anything.😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

Did You Know? Congo Has The Largest Manh**d Size In Africa. Check Other Country's Rank Did You Know? Congo Has The Largest Manh**d Size In Africa. Check Other Country's Rank Reviewed by okpala Precious on July 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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