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JUST IN_ African Ladies Finally Disclose Reasons Why They Moan During S3x

If you want to have better sex, try being louder while you get down, this was revealed by some Ladies who were interviwed on moan during the act report having better romps and feeling more
mutual sexual satisfaction compared to those who do it in silence.

Making noises is a form of communication which helps to let your partner know what you like and dislike.

Vocalising in bed can also boost your lover’s confidence because it reassures them of their sexual competence and that they’re succeeding in pleasuring you.
People who do groan during sex tend to be more assured of their own sexual skills, perhaps meaning that people who are great in bed make the most noise.

But a 2012 study showed the main reason why women moan during sex is to boost their partner’s bedroom performance.

Researchers at the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Leeds studied 71 sexually active women aged between 18 and 48 and asked about how vocal they are during sex.

They concluded that although many of the women had the most orgasms during foreplay with their partner or while masturbating, the most moans were made before and during the man’s orgasm.

Of the women studied, 66% of them said they moaned to speed up a partner’s climax and 87% said they moaned during sex to boost their guy’s self-esteem.

Researchers said: ”These data together clearly demonstrate a dissociation of the timing of women experiencing orgasm and making copulatory vocalisations and indicate that there is at least an element of these responses that are under conscious control, providing women with an opportunity to manipulate male behaviour to their advantage.”
Meanwhile, men should make sure to moan during foreplay as it’s thought that women will enjoy giving oral sex more if you do.
Making appreciative noises helps increase her enjoyment, sexpert Dr Pam Spurr told Glamour.

"Men tend to be less vocal than women, but that's to their detriment," Pam said.

"A well-timed moan or groan, or pleasure-signalling phrase is often all a woman needs to fuel her enthusiasm – and it lets her know exactly when it's feeling good."

But don’t stop at moaning because another study revealed that saying three little words during the act can also boost your pleasure.

In fact saying “I love you” in the midst of a steamy romp was the top behaviour for guaranteeing satisfaction for both genders – with 75% of lads and 74% of ladies confessing they do it.
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