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Is His Chris Brown Crushing On His Ex Rihanna? See the Sexy Pic He Liked

Chris Brown still thinks Rihanna looks sexy as hell and he doesn’t care who knows it. The rapper liked a hot pic of the songstress on Instagram and the move suggests he may be crushing on his ex again!

When Chris Brown, 28, knows what he wants to do there isn’t anyone who can stop him from going after it. While the “Loyal” singer was scrolling through Instagram on June 16, he made a point of liking a sultry pic of Rihanna, 29, posted to a fan’s account. Because Chris’ account is not set to private we can see what he likes and it seems what he likes is RiRi! Could it be that after everything they have been going through recently Chris is still crushing on his former lady love? And if so, was this his way of trying to finally get a response from her? 

There has been quite a bit of drama surrounding the former couple since his documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, began screening and the singer started drudging up his dark past with RiRi. As we all know, their relationship ended very dramatically after he beat her after the Grammy Awards in 2009. But in the documentary Chris tries to delve deeper into their relationship and even confesses he was planning on proposing to Rihanna! An insider close to Chris previously told HollywoodLife that the rapper is not happy he hasn’t heard from Rihanna after he declared his intentions to pop the question.

“Chris wanted to get a reaction from Rihanna, that was the whole point of telling the world that he was planning to propose to her,” the source said. “He’s been trying to get her attention and it hasn’t really been working so he upped his game. And that still didn’t work. Rihanna hasn’t called, texted, nothing. He’s disappointed, he was expecting something more to come out of it.” But a source close to Rihanna told Reporters that probably won’t be happening any time soon. RiRi is “aware that she really needs to move on from that chapter in her life, and she’s finally getting there.” While Chris apparently still texts Rihanna, she’s ignoring him.

Is His Chris Brown Crushing On His Ex Rihanna? See the Sexy Pic He Liked Is His Chris Brown Crushing On His Ex Rihanna? See the Sexy Pic He Liked Reviewed by okpala Precious on June 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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