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Tips And Tricks You Don't Know The Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Do!!!

Honestly, am not a Samsung guy although I prefer Infinix products here but if I was an American citizen or a citizen of any developed country I would definitely go for a Huawei, Htc or maybe a One plus product I definitely don't like Samsung product but I saw some interesting tricks on their latest flagship and decided to share: Also, get ready for a long read cause the tricks are falling off baskets. 

As we all know the Samsung galaxy s8 is the latest flagship device of the south Korean based manufacturers and as its a few months old so, you're probably not expecting to have issues with it at least not yet. The smartphone giants have added some tips and tricks on the Galaxy s8's smart select function including how to create your own Gifs. Let's get started!! 

Turn on "Smart select"
One of the best and least known features which have made its way onto the S8 is one which manages to survive the fiery demise of the Note 7: The Smart select, this enables the edge of the S8 to function as extra home screen, which is ready for launch as soon as you swipe along the side of the phone. The Edge panels on the device include app shortcuts, task shortcuts, and contact panels, all this is there by default. 
To activate Smart select, go to settings> Display> Edge screen> Edge Panels and then tap on "Smart select"

Use "Smart select" to create Gifs
Another nifty function you get with the smart select is the ability to create gifs. Step one in this process is the naturally, to find a video you actually want to use as gifs. Just for the sake of examples, Youtube is always a good a place to start searching for an appropriate clip. After you've loaded your video clip of choice, follow this easy steps

* Swipe for the Edge of the S8 to open smart select feature app tray and select "Animation"

* Make a box around the video you want to capture by moving the Edge of its corners

* Select "Record" while the video is playing and the tool will capture the video

* Play your video clip and then select "capture"

As the video is being recorded, a timer and a file size indicator
allow to you view both how large your file is as well as the length of the clip. After this, you'll be able to find your GIF in the Google Photos app, which will enable you to make that GIF go viral, as from here you can share it on a variety of social media platforms

Disable "Always on"
Taking an occasional look at your phone to check the time is convenient, but it also drains your battery. You can easily resolve this by disabling the "Always On Display" mode. Just go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Always On Display, then slide the toggle to turn the function off.

Once this is done, the screen will stay off when your smartphone is locked. No need to worry though, if you do find yourself needing to check the time, just press the home button.

Ditch the Auto brightness options
As we should all know by now, one sure fire way of saving your battery is taking control of your screen's brightness.

Open the quick settings, then tap the small arrow next to the brightness slider. Then just toggle the auto-adjust button to the disable the function.

Keep screen timeout low
Limiting how long your display stays on is another tried and true method of increasing battery life. The default timeout setting for the S8 is set to 15 seconds. You can leave it there or, if you must, go up to 30 seconds. Any longer than that and you're wasting battery.

You can adjust the timeout settings for your S8 in Settings > Display > Screen timeout. 

You don't need Entertainment Mode all the time. 
As soon as the Galaxy S8 comes out of the box, the screen resolution is already set to Full-HD. If you use a lower resolution it will be less of a drain on your battery, so everyone is a winner - all except those who want to use every single pixel that is packed into their S8. 

But ask yourself this: do you really, really need that high-resolution WQHD+ display to just send a few WhatsApp messages? You don't, do you? For normal use, just leave the display setting at FHD. This way you can save the high-performance entertainment mode for more important things like gaming or a session of Netflix and chill.

You can then go back to a less battery hungry mode at any time by using the same method to turn off the entertainment mode. 

Send your Apps to Sleep
With the release of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has introduced a nifty new function to help users improve their chances of avoiding battery issues. You now have the option to manually put your apps to sleep. 

Once an app is "asleep" it won't run in the background, and any push notifications will be paused. When you go to use the app it will wake up, and so after this you will once again receive notifications and updates.

To send an app to sleep, long-press on an app icon until a settings menu opens. Select "Sleep", and when the second window opens, tap "Ok. 

Apparently, these are all the useful tips and tricks the Galaxy s8 has to offer and again most people still don't like its battery life compared to how they reacted to the phone manufacturers time bomb. I just hope Okpala keeps a fire extinguisher or wear an anti-bomb vest while using his note7 after all this messed up issues, he kept using it cause he wants to look like URHOBO DEMON oya now!! 😒 .

Till my next post, Mingriech Out

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