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Meet The Only World's Black Blonde Race {Melanesian}

Residents of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific have some of the darkest skin seen outside of Africa. They also have the highest occurrence of blond hair seen in any population outside of Europe.

Modern evidence, including DNA analysis, confirms the opinion that modern man, in the form of Homo sapiens, first came out of Africa as early as 200,000 years ago. The Africans migrated along the coast of Arabia to West Asia to India, a branch continued across the major islands off Asia:  Indonesia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea -- and some as far as Australia, marking the first major sea crossing of humans.

A branch continued along the coast of Asia to West Asia to China. From China, a branch went westward into Central Asia, and then some southward into Southeast Asia, particularly India, while a branch continued westward into Europe, these together forming the Indo-European group and then the last major group went from China across the Bering Straight into North America and from there some continued into South America.

Off the pioneers who moved across Asia, one group moved south-east down through the Indo-Malaysian archipelago, crossing over into Australia during a brief window of opportunity 65,000 years ago when water levels dropped. They also reached Papua possibly as early as 65,000 years ago eventually moving from there across the Pacific.

The Solomon Islands also are known as "black islands" are located in the South Pacific, the very heart of Melanesia, just Northeast of Australia, between Papua and Vanuatu and constitute an independent state within the British Commonwealth. The Melanesian are black island people in the South Pacific that migrated there thousands of years ago, unlike blacks in the Americas that were taken as slaves.

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