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I Am Now Ready To Get Married__ Uti Nwachukwu

Uti Nwachucku, popular Nigerian Model and Nollywood actor have literally made it known to the press that he is very ready and sure of having a wife and would love to get married soonest.

His conversation  with The Sun, the TV host, opened up about his new girlfriends saying:

’I like the way she makes me feel. I blush every time I talk about her. Whenever I display my madness she knows how to calm me down. I don’t feel chocked in our relationship. Even when I feel choked, it doesn’t make want to run away from the relationship,’ Uti revealed excitedly.

On How He Spent Valentine's Day

’I sent her a very romantic text message in the morning to spice up her day and the text got her real good. She was just blushing. Well, she is not in Nigeria so we didn’t spend it together. For me here, it was work and more work. As an entertainer, we don’t really celebrate festive periods because that’s when our work gets serious.”

On Marriage

“Marriage doesn’t have to do with age but maturity. African mothers have to accept change and stop putting pressures on their children to give them grandchildren. Women of nowadays want more; they just don’t want to bear that title ‘wife’ alone. They also want to take charge and contribute immensely to the home. Who wants a woman that only paints nails and crosses her legs at home. I believe in ‘flex well’ and then ‘calm down’. For me, I have ‘flexed well’ now I am ‘calming down’ and getting ready to settle down.’’
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