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President Buhari's Death Rumor In London Strikes Media

As we all know, the President of Nigeria Recently traveled to London instead of traveling to Rann.

He took a 10-day leave for his medical check up at London and has traveled on 19th of January but something is really going on now. People are on fake news that he died at the Hospital where he went for check up in London.

Recently, News were running and flying at the same time that the Amicable President of Nigeria "President Muhammadu Buhari" lost his life on his final trip. It has been on social media and has kept the nation in confusion. Keeping the nation in confusion in the sense that people are yet to know if the information is really true or not.

Yes. People would love to hear that the president passed out on his last trip because the the nation economy is in shambles and the whole nation is not happy about that. But that would not make people start writing about his death even when he is alive.

People everyone wants dead hardly die. We should not be in the mode to murder people with our own mouth yet.

Please, we should just know that the president is safe and sound just resting in the hospital at the UK.

The president still has things to say to us before he will leave the seat. If can't kill him rather we can pull him off the seat in the next election but not voting for him.

And Nigerians would also have it in Mind That even if the president dies or leaves the Presidential sit, the bad economy will still take a little while to return back to normal. It won't happen in a day or year.

Our President is still Alive and Healthy.

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